Words from the Wise - Intro


"Perfection is an ever-changing pursuit."

-Sharon Randolph

In high school I had an amazing teacher, Sharon Randolph, who told me, "Perfection is an ever-changing pursuit." She explained that while we have a vision of what we perceive to be perfect today, tomorrow that perception will evolve to something different. This is because we are actively influenced by every experience, and with each new day we wake up that much more informed than we had been the morning before. We keep learning, and we keep growing. We know we will never be perfect, but we can always try to be our greatest self. 

Fast forward to today - I'm now in my 10th season as a professional ballet dancer and everyday in technique class I'm reminded of how much there's still to learn. I'm also incredibly lucky because living and dancing in San Francisco offers a brilliant community of dance educators who bring a truly unique approach to ballet and dance training. SO, with all these great resources helping me redefine perfection, I thought, "why not share some of the things that are helping me grow?"

Periodically I'll be using this section of my webpage to post new ideas, techniques, and realizations that are guiding my training, and if any of these posts resonate with you I hope you'll leave a comment or shoot me an email and let me know your thoughts. Let's keep sharing what builds us up and see how great we can become!

February 21st, 2018